Jennie Roberts: Successes And Hard Setbacks Are What Makes A Leader

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  • Championship leaders are the best of the best: those who are creating paths for others to follow, who have a lot under their belt, and who are still willing to learn from those that came before them.
  • Jennie wanted to change the world through fitness and nutrition; throughout her entire life she knew physical fitness and nutrition was her passion
    • After some time spent in the medical field, in 2011 Jennie went full-blown into her first fitness and nutrition venture
  • Jennie has been heavily influenced by her family; it is as a result of what she learned from them that she is the coach that she is today.
  • She knew that lifting weights was something she loved; after some time she realized that that is what she needed to pursue
  • Not everyone is willing to take a stand for their clients/team members and make sure they’re really willing to do the work- that’s what makes a good leader
  • When it comes to being a client and searching for someone to help you it is important to know what you’re responsive to; not everyone likes Jennie’s coaching style, so she weeds out the people that aren’t the right fit at the beginning of the process
    • The more experience you have as a coach and leader the more you will be able to see what the client can’t see and know what the client needs
  • You’re not a failure of a coach or leader if someone still doesn’t get the results they’re after; you can’t save everyone
  • After working in the commercial media space Jennie realized that the ways in which she was “helping” people did not align with her views; she then moved on to working with athletes in order to be more of a leader of health and wellness
  • Leaders have fought tooth and nail to get to where they are today, and they know the path and the struggles that others will face
  • A good leader is okay with being part of the team and not feeling that they’re above anyone else
  • It is your responsibility as a leader and a coach to make sure your clients get what they payed you to get
  • If there is something that you cannot do, it is most likely simply not something you were meant to do
  • The turning point for Jennie was when she realized that she would succeed at anything SHE wanted to do, instead of trying to do what other people wanted her to do

Important Quotes:

“It takes ten years of consistent work to master a craft.”

“There are no excuses.”

“Do things right the first time, that way you won’t have to do them again.”

“Not everyone get’s a trophy.”

“Everyone starts somewhere.”

“There are people who are the right fit, and there are people who aren’t.”

“The growth of a leader never really stops.”

“You can’t save everyone, and you can’t do the work for them.”

“A leader is someone who has gone through the struggle.”

“When you’re the best you’re the best.”

“It’s not whining or cheating, it’s doing the work.”

More On Jennie Roberts:

Jennie Roberts is a Fitness Hall of Fame inductee, World renowned Masters Sports Nutritionist, and Worlds Strongest Woman Competitor.

Roberts began her career by working as one of Hollywood’s TV Infomercial secret weapons for rapid weight loss transformation before launching a bootcamp & personal training studio in San Diego.

Currently, she is the Founder and CEO of Valkyrie Athletics, which specializes in working with elite level athletes in a multitude of sports to prepare them for peak physical performance.

Roberts is also a Licensing instructor for the National Association of Sports Nutrition licensing health practitioners and fitness professionals around the world as Primary Sports Nutritionists.


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