Jeff J Hunter: Are You Serving Yourself?

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Jeff J Hunter talks about treating yourself as a client inside of your business, knowing your audience, putting yourself first, and much more.

In This Episode:

[2:22] What does championship leadership mean to Jeff?

[3:24] How did Jeff get to where he is today?

[12:36] The importance of building your brand.

[20:20] Who has impacted Jeff to get him to where he is today?

[28:02] A critical turning point inside of Jeff’s life.

[40:04] What you can take away from this episode and apply inside of your life.

Important Quotes:

“Most entrepreneurs are leaders.”

“How can you be best in class in your industry?”

“I treated myself as a client.”

“You only need some really strong fans.”

“It all starts with knowing your audience.”

“No one watches them now, but one day they will.”

“You don’t have to start to be great, but you need to start to be great.”

“What is stopping you from putting out the content that it takes?”

“Your job is to peak people’s curiosity.”

“I’m going to start paying my own way.”

“Take your brand seriously.”

About The Guest:

Jeff J Hunter builds personal brands for accomplished CEO’s & Founders who are ready to leverage their business achievements to become influencers in their category.

Creator of the CORE Branding Method and Founder of which is a 50+ team Branding Agency.

Featured on Influencive, Forbes, Inc, ABC & CBS.


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