Jason Williford: The Ultimate Real Estate Machine

In this series of Championship Leadership, we had the pleasure to interview Jason Williford, serial Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Author of the book The Ultimate Real Estate Machine. He will tell us how he started a business and founded a Real Estate Expert Advisors – one of the most successful Real Estate companies in Atlanta.

He will also share his excruciating experience and battle with Covid 19 and how he got through those difficult times.

Jason will also talk about his new upcoming book co-authored with Jay Abrahams, The Ultimate Real Estate Machine, and a Reality TV Show, Agents On Fire, with Kevin Harrington. These and more!!

In This Episode:

[3:30] What does championship leadership mean to Jason?
[6:22] Who is Jason Williford and what brought him to where he is today?
[13:53] A turning point inside of his life.
[22:53] Agents on Fire.
[24:06] The Ultimate Real Estate Machine
[29:24] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“I am a big thinker; I believe in either playing big or going home.”
“Leader is always getting better.”
“The quality of a leader is to keep pushing through.”
“Part of leadership is adversity. Adversity builds resilience.”
“Vehicles change, but principles don’t change.”
“Winner is someone who is not afraid to lose.”
“Fail fast, fail often, and keep on plugging along.”
“If you’re so busy in your business and you don’t get to spend the time with the people that you love, you’re not impacting your kids’ lives.”

About The Guest:

Jason Williford is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker,, inventor and consultant for high producing real estate agents. A master in business strategy, strategic marketing, innovation, differentiation, agent production, selling systems, inside sales agents and referral generating systems. Jason is Jay Abraham’s protege in real estate and comes highly recommended by Kevin Harrington and Cory Bergeron.

After years in the trenches of real estate, he set himself and the team apart with strategies and techniques that were learned in other industries and applied to real estate. His unique talents and knowledge fill voids that are missing in real estate for external and internal clients.

He has been seen on national television networks and his company has been heard on a multitude of Atlanta radio stations from campaigns that he has launched. He was recommended by Kevin Harrington, one of ABC’s hit TV show’s Shark Tank original cast members, co-founder of the Home Shopping Network and As Seen on TV. Cory Bergeron, the record-smashing master of TV sales, having sold and endorsed over 350 companies like Disney, Apple and JVC; also highly recommends Jason’s expertise.

After the Great Recession, Jason and his partner started off broke with only $700 between them both, that money also supported their family. They rapidly and exponentially grew Real Estate Expert Advisors on cash with no lines of credit. Several years later, Inc. Magazine recognized their company as the 354th fastest growing privately held company in America. Three years in a row, they were on the INC 5,000 list.

Jason believes that the world is full of unlimited opportunities and possibilities. He feels authentically blessed by having a career of amazing mentors that’s guided him in his journey. Today, he works in the trenches with the most world-renowned entrepreneurs, marketing and sales gurus like Jay Abraham, Roland Frasier, Cory Bergeron and Michael Bernoff. He enjoys sharing with others what he’s learned from titans.







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