Jake Lynn: Compassion Before Commission

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast Jake Lynn talks about his experience as a christian rapper and a coal miner, pursuing your potential, the importance of values, learning from your mistakes and so much more.

In This Episode:

[2:55] What does championship leadership mean to Jake?
[8:01] Who is Jake Lynn and what brought him to where he is today?
[17:23] Leaders that have influenced him.
[19:21] His vision, future plans and impact he wants to make.
[21:54] A turning point inside of his life.
[28:26] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“Winners win, losers lose.”

“Your talent can take you to the top, but it’s your character that keeps you there.”

“Compassion before commission.”

About The Guest:

Jake Lynn is a leading authority on telesales. Experienced and proven in sales leadership, he is a seasoned professional with a strong foundation of sales management, digital marketing, contact center expertise and software technology.

Jake’s thought leadership has been instrumental in helping guide some of today’s most elite insurance call centers.

Funny and dynamic, Jake is passionate about helping phone-based sales professionals truly smile and dial.

Setting the standard for teletraining for the insurance industry, Jake teaches agents to sell with PEG (Praise, Empathy, & Gratitude) and the mindset of Compassion Before Commission.





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