Searching for Instant Gratification Will Never Get You a Legacy Lifestyle

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The end result will never be as important as the journey itself. 

I wanted to talk today a little about what I call the “JG Wentworth Syndrome.” We’ve all seen the hilarious commercials where the entire bit is angry men and women of all ages yelling out of their car windows or on their front lawn, “It’s my money, and I want it now!”

Whether it’s physical, relational, or financially related, people want it, and they want it now. Without putting in the work, time, dedication, perseverance, and everything else that goes along with success and achieving their goals. I don’t know where this expectation for instant gratification comes from, but it seems to be extremely prevalent in today’s society.


There is no get rich quick secret, no training plan that doesn’t involve blood, sweat, and tears, or any magic pill or secret drink to drop 20 pounds in the blink of an eye. What there is is a whole lot of hard work, dedication to your craft, following a plan, seeking out coaches/mentors, failing, picking yourself up off the ground and moving forward and failing again. There is never quitting or letting anyone or anything get in the way of stopping you from getting to your goals and building the life, relationships, or body you want.

I have seen this behavior for some time now. Social media is full of it every single day. It is fun, sexy and exciting to announce to the world that you are going to go out and tackle a big goal or that you are going to make extreme changes in your life.


The problem is that the fun, sexy excitement wears off quickly, and the realization that there are no shortcuts to anything in life worth achieving comes hard and fast. If it was truly that easy everyone would be doing it. Reality is a brutally honest and raw coach. And many of those who shouted their goals from the mountaintops quit in the foothills because the climb turns out to be too hard.

Distracted by shiny objects and the next big exciting idea, these people move onto the next thing, not wanting to face the setbacks and hardships that come along with building a Legacy Lifestyle. They place blame on coaches, mentors, their family, their spouse, the timing, the economy, basically anything or anyone other than the person staring them back in the mirror.

They want the RESULTS now! They want the accolades, recognition, and fame, without having to put in the time, effort, and dedication that all of the greats before them have. They don’t want to be told that that is what is required to become truly successful. They want what they want, and they want it now.


To those of you reading this, those of you who are on the path, or who desire to start down the path of creating your Legacy Lifestyle I want to tell you: Be patient. Enjoy the journey. Trust the process. It works. Enjoy the small successes along the way. If you can stick to it long enough, be dedicated to your craft, and listen and learn from the ones that have been there and done that before you, you, too, will achieve your goals.

Remember, nothing worth having or doing is ever easy. Instant gratification never lasts, and then you’re left looking for the next “thing” to make you feel whole and successful again. Slow down. Show up consistently. Walk your talk. Focus on the journey, and your long-term goals will begin to manifest more quickly than you may expect. Find your joy in the journey itself, and I promise you that you will look back after a while and you will realize that you’ve already been living your legacy.


Photo: Photo by Robert Baker on Unsplash