Ian Lobas: Make a Commitment to You

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we are honored to have with us Ian Lobas, a High-Level Personal Performance Coach, Entrepreneur, and host of the popular podcast Men on Purpose. He will share his journey from joining his father’s shipping company, making his own path into the real estate business, and into the creation of the men’s movement for personal growth.

But life isn’t always smooth sailing as it is with Ian Lobas; he struggled to understand his authentic self that will serve a true purpose on this earth. In pursuit of his true calling, Ian had to endure the reality of knowing what his worth without anybody’s approval and to free himself from internal restriction and constraint.

Today, Ian Lobas is enjoying the fruit of his labors and is on the quest of leaving a sustainable legacy that will definitely serve his true mission in life.

Know more about his life! Tune in to this episode!

In This Episode:

[0:40] What does Championship Leadership mean to Ian?

[1:46] Who is Ian Lobas and what brought him to where he is today?

[8:35] Leaders that have influenced him.

[12:20] His vision, future plans, and the impact he wants to make.

[23:57] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“Championship Leadership is self-leadership.”

“You have got to learn how to lead yourself. You’ve got to learn how to understand yourself. Dig into your stuff, advocate for yourself before you can actually lead at the level at which you’re capable of.”

“Your life grows to the extent that you do.”

 “If you don’t find your true gift, your true purpose, and mission on this planet, you will die, and you will live the rest of your life and die as a replaceable person.”

“My actual vision is a world of men who can free themselves of internal restriction and constraint.”

“I wanted my purpose to basically be to be of service to other people.”

“Legacy is not money you leave behind, it’s who you are and how you showcase that to teach other people to be the real authentic them.”

“You have to have the understanding that you’re worth it.”

“You got to focus on yourself. Stop being busy, slow down, and focus on yourself.”

“Guys, check yourself. You’re not that busy. You’re making up busy stuff. You’re making up stuff because you’re avoiding dealing with the stuff you really got to deal with.”

“Make a commitment to you.”

About The Guest:

Ian Lobas

As a coaching pioneer, Ian is helping people to be more intentional and live more purposefully by helping them get awareness and clarity. His mantra is “illuminate and eliminate”. He helps clients get rid of their ways of thinking and doing that no longer serves them.

Ian’s background in psychology and building successful businesses helps him work with clients from the inside out. Drawing on his own wealth of life experiences, he works on the human being first, then the business person.





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