How To Be The Championship Leader You Want To Be

  • When all is on the line and the pressure is on- how do you show up and perform?
  • To have true composure means that you’d be the same person when things are going great and when everything is burning down around you.
  • In your deepest, darkest moments do you stay composed, or do you blow up?
  • Composure would have you make the decision decisively and certainly in such a way that those who are following you see that and it bleeds onto them.
  • When things come at you that you didn’t expect, you might blow up and lose your composure.
    • That does not meant that you can’t become a championship leader.
    • The first step is being willing to own it and admit to yourself that you’re not quite there yet.
  • You might not show up right now the way you want to. That’s okay- it’s something you can work on.
  • Think of the true leaders that have made an impact on your life, and think of the times that everything was on the line for them.
  • You definitely improve as a leader overtime.
  • If you want to become a championship leader just know that true leadership doesn’t matter as much as it matters when the pressure is high.
    • How you act in those moments shows your true character.

Important Quotes:

“The qualities of a leader show the most not when things are going great, but when the unexpected happens and the times are hard.”

“Leadership is a skill you can build on and improve over time.”

“How you act in moments of high pressure shows your true character”

“Take 100% responsibility.”


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