Fred Joyal: Unleash the Boldness Inside of You

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we had an incredible interview with Fred Joyal, a Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author of the book SUPERBOLD: From Under Confident to Charismatic in 90 days. Growing up as an incredibly shy person, Fred Joyal worked hard to defeat his shyness. He started doing various jobs until he discovered advertising and fell in love with it. He then co-founded a company called 1-800-dentist back in 1986 and became the largest dental referral business in the USA.His company generated over $1 billion and ran for 30 years, and accommodated 250 employees all over the US.

With his years of experience in marketing and advertising, Fred Joyal is undeniably one of the experts in this field and is now on his way to fulfill his mission to teach as many people as possible to unleash the boldness within them.

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In This Episode:

[0:20] What does Championship Leadership mean to Fred?

[1:15] Who is Fred Joyal, and what brought him to where he is today?

[3:53] Leaders that have influenced him.

[6:44] His vision, future plans, and the impact he wants to make.

[14:35] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“You can’t be afraid of failing, because what’s going to happen is there will be failure within the success of the business. There will be things you do wrong that you have to fix.”

“Do what you’re afraid of.”

“Find joy in failure.”

“Afraid of failing means you have to really examine that. It means you really want to do it, because if you’re afraid of failing at it, it’s because you really want it.

“Hesitation is what kills opportunity.”

“Bold action builds your confidence.”

About The Guest:

Fred Joyal

Keynote Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

Fred was the co-founder of Futuredontics, the parent company of 1-800-DENTIST, which, over 30 years, generated over $1 billion in revenue. His latest book, Superbold: From Under-Confident to Charismatic in 90 Days, is an Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestseller. He is also the author of two books for the dental industry, Everything is Marketing: The Ultimate Strategy for Dental Practice Growth, published in 2010, and Becoming Remarkable: How to Create a Dental Practice Everyone Talks About, published in 2015. He has acted in, written or directed over 200 television commercials and radio spots.

Fred’s passion is to help as many people as possible achieve fulfilling, satisfying lives and careers by developing their boldness and confidence to remarkable levels.

Fred now does keynote lectures and coaches C-suite executives based on his experiences as a business leader and his lifelong interest in customer service, leadership skills and business culture.

He has spoken to hundreds of audiences over the past 20 years, some as large as 5000. He brings energy, passion and valuable content to the stage, along with a highly entertaining and engaging performance.

Fred was awarded the Conrad Hilton Distinguished Entrepreneur Award by Loyola Marymount University, as well as an honorary Doctorate of Arts from the University of Rhode Island, and he sits on the board of directors of a number of thriving companies.

He is an avid chess player, cyclist, and world traveler, a mediocre tennis player and even worse golfer.







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