Frank McKinney: To Whom Much Is Entrusted Much Is Expected

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Frank McKinney shares his incredible story of going from juvenile detention to a modern-day Robin Hood. He sells houses to the rich and builds houses for the poor. What do you aspire to in your life today?

In This Episode:

[3:35] What comes to mind for Frank when he thinks championship leadership?

[5:42] Frank’s experiences with marathon running.

[14:59] Who has influenced Frank; and who has he run with?

[22:32] Where does writing novels fit into Frank’s life?

[30:07] Where is Frank heading?

[34:44] What was a turning point for Frank?

Important Quotes:

“There is a big difference between leaders and championship leaders.”

“You rose through the ranks; you are a champion.”

“There is no shortcut.”

“Get the mind right, and the money will follow.”

“Championship leadership starts at about 4am.”

“Go to bed early and get up early.”

“Motivation doesn’t last.”

“Aspiration can alter your DNA.”

“Who do you aspire to emulate?”

“What legacy do you aspire to leave behind?”

“What are you doing with the more you already have?”

“Whatever you’re doing well: amplify it.”

“Whatever isn’t working well: redirect it.”

About The Guest:

Meet Frank McKinney, a true modern day Renaissance man: Real Estate Artist, 6x International Bestselling Author (in 5 genres), Philanthro-Capitalist, Ultramarathoner, Actor, and Aspirational Speaker who sees opportunities and creates markets where none existed before.

Upon attending his 4th high school in 4 years (he was asked to leave the first 3), Frank earned his high school diploma with a 1.8 GPA. Then, with $50 in his pocket and without the benefit of further education, Frank left his native Indiana for Florida in search of his life’s highest calling.

Now Frank creates real estate markets where others fear to tread. He has built oceanfront spec homes (homes built without a buyer) valued in the tens of millions of dollars, shattering price records with each new project. Frank started with a $50,000 fixer-upper, and climbed all the way to a $50 million oceanfront mansion – on spec!


Find out more about Frank on his website.

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