Extreme Ownership is Required if You Want to Live Your Legacy

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Winners take Extreme Ownership in all areas of life. Whether they win or lose, they own it.

Winners own their mistakes and celebrate their successes, while losers blame and shame and deflect their lack of results on anyone and everyone around them. You can tell the difference between the winners and the losers just by looking at where they are in their life. A winner sets a goal and works toward it every day. They may fall in the process, but you know they will eventually reach their goal because they keep getting back up and moving forward one step at a time.

Losers, on the other hand, may set a goal, and start out with the best of intentions, but the first time it gets hard, or they fail you’ll see them give up. They will blame their circumstances or the people around them instead of taking ownership, getting back up on their feet, and continuing toward their goal.

Winners also give credit where credit is due, to those that helped them along the way. A truly successful person recognizes that they didn’t get to where they are alone. They acknowledge that it took many people along the journey to help them reach their goal.

Do you take ownership when things are showing up in your life the way you want, or when you make mistakes? Do you look inward first, or look in the mirror and recognize that your successes AND your failures are the direct results of choices you have made, and actions you either have or haven’t taken? Or, do you blame anyone and everyone within arms reach for your mistakes, failures, and lack of results?

A big part of having a Legacy Lifestyle is taking Extreme Ownership over both your successes and your failures. Learn from them. And then apply what you’ve learned, both good and bad, to take you to the next level.


Photo by Chris Alupului on Unsplash