Estie Rand: Leader of Leaders

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Estie Rand talks about her journey to where she is today, the 5-day Marketing Success Challenge, the importance of having genuine care for your people, to not be afraid to let your people fail, and so much more.

In This Episode:

  • [3:31] What does championship leadership mean to Estie?
  • [4:51] Who is Estie Rand and what brought her to where she is today?
  • [8:18] Challenges in business she overcame and the lessons she learned.
  • [13:21] Leaders that have influenced her.
  • [19:05] A turning point inside of her life.
  • [26:01] Episode takeaways.
  • [27:39] 5-day Marketing Success Challenge.

Important Quotes:

“To genuinely care about your people”

“Don’t be afraid to let your people fail”

About The Guest:

Estie Rand built a six-figure business with zero dollars in ad-spend in under two years, with a fully virtual team (while raising five kids!) The founder and owner of Strand Consulting, an LA based boutique consultancy, this marketing maven guides business owners ranging from multi-millionaires to freelancers on how to earn more money with less headache.

After a decade in non-profit, rising in the ranks to become CIO, Estie left her job to bring her skills of doing more with less to small business owners around the world. She is also the host of the acclaimed Business Breakthrough Podcast, where she humanizes business and businessifys humans.

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