Elizabeth Lyons: Epiphany

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Elizabeth Lyons shares the incredible lessons she has learned through becoming a successful country musician.

In This Episode:

[4:35] What does championship leadership mean to Elizabeth?

[6:39] Is Elizabeth the only performer in her family?

[8:18] When did Elizabeth know she wanted to perform?

[11:56] Are you committed?

[17:25] How to get past the pressure.

[22:45] Elizabeth’s new single: Epiphany

[28:42] What was one of Elizabeth’s most important turning points?

[35:34] What Elizabeth can leave to help you in your journey.

Important Quotes:

“I didn’t think I could do it, but there I was living it.”

“You just get through it.”

“I learned a lot about what it means to be yourself.”

“My confidence and strength comes from my soul and isn’t influenced by anyone else.”

“It really takes a team of people you really trust.”

“Follow your heart and find the positive.”

About The Guest:

Since a young age, ELIZABETH LYONS love for music, her high energy, and commitment to getting things done is contagious. Elizabeth’s learned her letters so she could play piano, joined church choir where she earned her first solo, auditioned for musical theatre til she made it to go on to be in 18 musicals. She encouraged her sisters, cousins and neighbors to be in the shows she put on in her backyard. At a young age promoting music and self expression.

Midwestern born and raised Elizabeth moved to Nashville at eighteen to intern at a music publishing company where she learned as much as she could about the music industry. Before she graduated from Vanderbilt University she released her first EP which topped the iTunes charts and became an Album All-Time Bestseller.

Through hustle and her can-do attitude, independent artist Elizabeth has a half a million plays on Spotify, sold over 100k downloads, 2 #1 & 2 #2 iTunes Country Music videos. Recognized by Macy’s iHeart Rising Star Top 3, Country Music Association “Who New To Watch”, Music Row Discovery Artist, SiriusXM The Highway On The Horizon, and CMT Pure and Discovery Artist, Elizabeth’s proven track record has made her one of the next women of country to watch.

Elizabeth has booked her own shows opening for numerous country super stars including Florida Georgia Line, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt and more. As well as playing all over the US including top festivals such as Summerfest, Lake Shake, Country Fest, and Country Jam, and more. Elizabeth honored our troops singing the national anthem at Soldiers Field, Lambeau Field, Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium and more.

Elizabeth decided to overcome the fear in rejecting societal pressure because she realized she will never influence the world by trying to be like it or others by conforming to their standard. Elizabeth’s goal through her new soon to be released music is to help all to believe in themselves, not to let social media, pressures of the new world we live in, their environment hinder who they are and their true selves to become the best they can be.

Elizabeth found the strength to write music she feels passionate about from a place of honesty, vulnerability and her heart. Elizabeth has found her voice and become a strong independent artist by writing music that empowers, inspires, and believes.

Look out for Elizabeth’s new music in 2019!


Check out her website: ElizabethLyonsMusic.com

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