Drew Neal: Championship Culture

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we are thrilled to have Drew Neal, a Culture & Growth Strategist, and the founder of Solutionary, who saw an opportunity to help people achieve a “championship culture” that fosters growth and profitability in the new era of opportunities. Drew emphasizes the value of culture in shaping human behavior and empowering individuals to thrive. To create a sustainable culture that leads to success and fulfillment, Drew believes that companies must prioritize the value of culture as a major contributing factor to success. He notes that certain companies are still stuck in bureaucratic ways and are missing out on the benefits of a strong culture. According to him, shifting our mindset towards growth and profitability, we need to make room for individuals to connect and relate to a sustainable culture.

Drew’s aim is to equip people with the necessary tools to unleash their full potential and create an environment where everyone can do the same. By valuing culture and understanding its significance, we can ensure that individuals see things through without causing harm to others.

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In This Episode:

[1:44] What does Championship Leadership mean to Drew?

[8:20] Who is Drew Neal, and what brought him to where he is today?

[16:52] His vision, future plans, and the impact he wants to make.

[23:00] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“I think championship leadership is the willingness to say, “Hey, I have the courage to take the next step. I don’t have everything figured out, but I’m willing to take the responsibility and maintain the liability of being a person who goes first and says, “I believe we can overcome whatever this obstacle is.”

“Sometimes the right thing to do is to see things through and great leaders know when to do that. To learn what if they have what it takes to see things through while not doing damage to everyone else”

“We have a responsibility to create an environment that’s really gonna bring the dignity of value to everyone on our teams.”

“We’re in a new era of opportunity, which is remarkable. And so as business owners, as founders, and leaders, we have to begin to understand we have to first accept responsibility for the human experience because the products, the systems, the operations of our business, we can find access to those concepts much more easily than we can find a human dignifying experience”

“It’s important for us to value the fact that culture is a major contributing factor to success.”

“The first step in understanding culture actually starts with the leader and measuring the leader’s self-awareness and the leader’s self-governance.”

“There’s a need for us to become more personally aware of who we are as leaders, our tendencies, our character traits, our behavioral preferences, so that then we can choose what type of sustainable experience we can give to those that we lead.”

“It’s important for us to understand the authentic experiences we create for other people. One of the great ways to do that is, by opening up conversation of feedback and there’s nothing more authentic than a leader being willing to acknowledge where they’re at and the experience they give other people.”

“Leaders today are actually the people who know how to govern and facilitate human behavior and human preferences, and so gaining trust from other people is powerful.”

About The Guest:

Building a Thriving Culture Is About Knowing Who You Are As A Company And Building From That Place of Authenticity.

Drew Neal serves growth-oriented companies through training experiences that are guaranteed to be inspirational and customized, leaving the audience with measurable takeaways and tools that align the workforce with the organization. His experience and expertise aids in filling the needs and objectives of events for businesses in an impactful way.

Through unique insights on emotional intelligence and human capital maximization within companies, Drew Neal brings transformation, wisdom, and innovation to every company he’s face to face with.



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