You Don’t Have to Play the Cards You Were Dealt

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You can choose to stay stuck and blame it on circumstance, or you can choose to not play the cards you were dealt, and move forward.

Every day, there are things that happen to us that can either keep us stuck where we’re at or they can propel us forward toward what we truly want in life. It all depends on how we choose to receive what it is that happened. It all depends on if you choose or refuse to play the cards you were dealt.

There are gifts and lessons inside of everything that happens to us and all around us every single day. Lessons that we can take and apply to our lives, no matter what it is, to get the life that we truly desire. Many people go through life playing the “blame and complain” game. Instead of taking the lessons out of life experiences and turning negatives into positives, they would rather think “woe is me” and allow the experiences to have a negative impact on their attitude and life.

Instead of asking, “What could I have done differently to stop that from happening?” Or, “What can I learn from this experience so that it doesn’t happen again?” They think, “Why me? Why does it always seem like the world is against me?” “Why do I have to play the cards in my hand?” They blame everyone and everything but themselves for what has gone wrong in their life. The reality is that it doesn’t matter. All that matters is how they choose to react to the events that happen every single day.


Everyone has a choice. We can take what happens and say, “Man, it’s just the cards I was dealt. There’s nothing I can do about it. I have to play the hand that I was given.” Or, we can choose to take what has happened and deal with it in a powerful manner. Successful people, people who are living their legacy, look at the same situation and say, “Just because these are the cards that I currently have in my hand, it doesn’t mean that I can’t choose to take steps to exchange those cards for a new hand. I can build my own hand, one that will help me win.”

These people will choose to take what happens to them and receive them as gifts or lessons. They realize they can’t change what happens in life, but they can change how they act, how they move, and the decisions they make going forward. They can choose their cards, too.

We can all take those lessons and apply them to our life. We can apply them to how we show up for our family, how we show up inside of our business, how we decide to show up for ourselves and our body, how we show up to impact others, to serve others in our daily life. And we can apply those lesson to how we play the cards we’re given.


So, which one are you? Do you allow these lessons and gifts that come to you every single day to just pass you by, or do you seize them, recognize them, and choose to use them to keep you moving forward?

You don’t have to accept the cards you were dealt. You can truly choose to create the hand that will get you what you want. Will you continue to have the perspective that has you saying you don’t have any choice? Will you continue to insist on believing that “it’s just my luck?” Or will you realize that every day, you can make the choice to see the gifts and learn the lessons? That’s the moment you can truly shift your perspective and recognize you can begin using it to propel you forward in every area of your life.


Photo: Photo by Inês Ferreira on Unsplash