Dom Faussette: Learn To Forgive

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Dom Faussette of ThinkReactLead shares his story from being a police officer to military and now an executive coach and CEO and how he found success afterward when he had to reinvent himself. Enjoy!

In This Episode:

[2:23] What does championship leadership mean for Dom?

[3:05] How did ThinkReactLead come into being?

[10:10] Who were some leaders who have impacted Dom?

[14:26] How long Dom’s had a radio show?

[28:03] Critical turning points in Dom’s life.

[34:02] What Dom can provide to you.

Important Quotes:

“Embrace the suck, what you think sucks right now is nothing compared to what your gonna go through if you keep developing yourself .”

“If you can’t handle little things, you just not gonna make it.”

“Don’t you ever say what you won’t do for your family.”

“I learn lessons every day.”

“Every interaction with humans for me is a champion leadership experience. “

“If you want to get better as a speaker you got to speak more.”

“I ask myself at the end of the day, what can I do next?”

“Learn to forgive, those that have hurt you, learn to forgive yourself for those that you’ve hurt”

“Fix your home first right before you try to go down to this path”

About The Guest:

Keynote Speaker and Speaker Coach…
Best selling author and Radio show Host Dom Faussette… has been to HELL and back.
Dom is a military veteran and prior Police Officer with 10+ years of corporate leadership experience. Dom is the CEO of ThinkReactLead.


Find out more about Dom and ThinkReactLead on his website!

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