David and Dana Hagstrom: Empowering Solopreneurs

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast David and Dana Hagstrom talk about their online marketing and coaching business, gratitude and the right mindset.

In This Episode:

  • [3:33] What does championship leadership mean to them?
  • [5:52] Who are David and Dana Hagstrom and what brought them to where they are today?
  • [16:20] Leaders that have influenced them.
  • [19:15] Their vision, future plans and impact they want to make.
  • [24:18] A turning point inside of their lives.
  • [29:20] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“Don’t worry about what anybody says.”

“Get out there and do it.”

About The Guest:

David and Dana Hagstrom retired from their respective positions as a pastor and paralegal. They moved abroad in 2016 and are now servants of a different kind. As online business strategy coaches, David and Dana work with others in the industry providing effective breakthrough strategies to boost their home business success.

Their clients soon uncover their own goldmine of passions and experience and how best to monetize and market. They are also helping folks imagine the future they want to retire to someday. In this process, they challenge you to start thinking about how soon your “someday” might be. You can find them inside their online coaching community offering a clarity building retirement program, “Your Bridge to Retirement,” a premium 12 week strategy coaching experience, “Your Pathway to Profit.” Alongside their own products, they have a plenty of resources and affiliate marketing tools and solutions for the online entrepreneur.

Dana just published her second book in a series entitled, Devotions on the Go. Her two books on the Psalms and Proverbs are available on Amazon. David has been a published author since his Ph.D. and more recently a Bible Study on Core Beliefs. David and Dana live in Mexico with their three Japanese Chins and love traveling to the U.S. to visit family and friends, as well as to attend conferences, workshops, and masterminds.







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