Dave Sanderson: Take Every Opportunity To Lead And Impact Others

  • Championship leaders are those who want to succeed and teach others to succeed.
  • Always be aware because there are plenty of things that can happen that you don’t anticipate.
  • When things are happening, you need to keep your head.
  • You want the right people in the right seats for your business. That way you business can succeed.
  • All of the past moments in your life are there; you can call on those experiences and lessons when you need them.
  • You need to know why you’re doing something, and then just do it. You’ll figure out how.
  • How do you figure it out? Find people who have done it, and model them.
  • Learn to have highly concentrated attention before you do something important or before you get to work.

Important Quotes:

“When you say something you do it.”

“When given the opportunity to lead, lead.”

“You do not know everything.”

“Control what’s controllable.”

“If you can lead, people will follow.”

“All the moments in your life are there.”

“That was the moment that I knew I had impacted someone.”

“Success leaves clues.”

“People of value value people.”

More On Dave Sanderson:

Dave Sanderson has made it his life’s work to “declassify “how people grow to be in the top 1%. His goal is to help his audiences learn the skills and resources he has learned from the “masters” to help them prepare to overcome their ‘personal plane crash’ moment in life. This will help them not only grow but give them the resources that will affect their bottom line results.

Every person in every organization impacts someone and Dave’s goal is to help them truly understand how they can positively impact those relationships and drive results with total integrity. These skills and resources not only help people achieve more but have a more fulfilling personal life which will then positively impact the bottom line even more.

Dave is by no means just your ordinary “inspirational” or “motivational” speaker.


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