Dave Albin: Change Your Story, Change Your Life

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Dave Albin shares the many lessons he has learned through hosting fire walks for Tony Robbins and so many others.

[3:36] What comes to Dave’s mind when he thinks of championship leadership? (responsibility)

[8:03] The great characteristics of a leader.

[13:20] What shaped Dave to have the success he has today.

[21:58] The lessons Dave has learned from running the fire walks.

[40:15] Impact your world.

Important Quotes:

“With great wisdom and knowledge comes great responsibility.”

“You’re the head of the ship.”

“Strangers care.”

“How do you lift and elevate your people?”

“If you can walk on coals and not burn yourself, what else can you do?”

“When you take the first step, you’re pretty much guaranteed to take the next steps.”

“You will become who you spend time with.”

“Show up and bring your A game every single time.”

“Clarity is power.”

“Change your story change your life.”

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