Darby Greenwell: Less Talk, More Action

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Darby Greenwell shares her journey from being a desk jockey to taking meaningful actions in her life. Enjoy!

In This Episode:

[3:58] What comes to Darby’s mind when she thinks of championship leadership? (Is it only one individual that makes championship leadership?)

[6:38] Which championship leaders fit Darby’s definition of a championship leader?

[16:17] Communication as it relates to leadership.

[21:22] How does Darby’s work carry over into the other areas of her life?

[24:50] The importance of having a coach or mentor to help get you to where you want to go in life.

Important Quotes:

“I didn’t want to sit behind a computer all the time.”

“There are insights, and there are actions.”

“The skill of critical thinking is easily forgotten.”

“Risk and reward, and supply and demand, are the same thing.”

“Less talk, more action.”

More On Darby:

Darby Greenwell has been building and leading analytics teams for almost two decades. She has been at the forefront of developing technical expertise for brands including REI, Talbot’s, Humana, Microsoft, and T-Mobile. More recently, she has focused on the startup world and is currently VP of Analytics at iSpot.tv in Bellevue, WA. Her passion is to build teams that blend technical and business expertise and can help make math and data relatable (maybe even fun) for any audience.

While not tackling spreadsheets or talking data, Darby loves to hang out with her family (husband Rich, boys Jack and Levi) at home outside Seattle, WA. She loves to enjoy the activities around Seattle (running, biking, skiing) as much as possible.



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