Daniel Blue: Live, Compete, And Win

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Daniel Blue shares his journey out of addiction and into living a purposeful life impacting others.

  • For Daniel, when thinking of championship leadership he thinks of competing.
    • That doesn’t necessarily mean competing with others, it mostly means competing with yourself.
  • Too many get caught up in the space of comparison.
    • This especially happens in social media.
    • Seeing others achieve success might not even be the truth; many times people post things just to make themselves look good.
  • Championship leaders are winners, but they don’t do what they do at the cost of their honor; they do it to make a difference.
  • Don’t be afraid to go the direction that most are unwilling to go.
  • There is nothing wrong with wanting to compete and win.
    • Most often, by competing like that you will be able to positively impact those around you.

Important Quotes:

“Life is about competing.”

“A lot of where we are today is a result of our childhood.”

“The bigger you get the more people you can impact.”

“Time is money.”

“I’m at peace.”

“The sky is the limit.”

“Control your own money.”

More On Daniel Blue:

Originally from Oceanside California, Daniel Blue has called Las Vegas home for the past 10 years. Despite an addiction to pills, having a daughter at 19 years old and dropping out of college, Daniel was able to overcome those challenges to become a business owner of a seven figure company called Quest Education. He is married to his elementary school sweetheart and is a proud father of four: one daughter and three dogs. He currently sits on the board for two non-profit organizations, Vegas Wish and Family Promise.


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