Damon Lembi: The Learn It All Leader

In this captivating episode of the Championship Leadership Podcast, former baseball player and author Damon Lembi shares the essential principles of championship leadership that transcend sports and apply to the business world. Gain insights into leading a winning team as Damon emphasizes the significance of a compelling vision, pushing boundaries, fostering collaboration, and making bold decisions.

As the founder of Learn It, a corporate training company, Damon explores the power of virtual instructor-led training in transforming contributors into effective managers. Discover leadership lessons from Damon’s experiences with Hall of Fame baseball coaches, as outlined in his recently released book, “The Learn It All Leader.” From facing fears to making bold choices, Damon’s journey inspires leaders to embrace challenges, learn from failures, and cultivate a championship mindset.

Whether you’re a seasoned leader or aspiring to lead, don’t miss this opportunity to gain actionable advice and a fresh perspective on becoming a Learn It All Leader. Tune in now and take the first step toward leadership excellence!!

In This Episode:

[3:32] What is Championship Leadership mean to Damon Lembi?

[5:01] Who is Damon Lembi, and what brought him to where he is today?

[7:07] What insights shared by Damon Lembi in his book The Learn It All Leader?

[8:10] What does Learnit mean to Damon Lembi.

[16:47] His vision, future plans, and the impact he wants to make.

[18:19] Turning Point of his life.

[24:58] Episode Takeaways.

About the Guest

I’m Damon Lemby, originally from outside the San Francisco Bay area. My upbringing was centered around a strong focus on sports. Back in high school, I had the opportunity to be drafted in the thirteenth round by the Atlanta Braves, but I opted for the college route and attended Pepperdine on a full ride. The decision was influenced by Coach Andy Lopez’s vision for our small university to win the College World Series.

Although I got injured and had to leave Pepperdine, Coach Lopez’s vision came true, and they won the College World Series the year after I left. I later continued my college baseball career at Arizona State University, enjoying a fulfilling experience.

As many athletes face, the transition to the next level can be challenging. Despite not getting drafted and deciding against pursuing the Independent Leagues, I found myself at a crossroads at 22 or 23, uncertain if my skills were transferable. Fortunately, my family had a significant real estate company in San Francisco, including a corporate training company called Learn It, initiated by my dad. Starting as a receptionist 28 years ago, I worked my way up over 7 years. Today, I’m proud to have contributed to upskilling nearly 2 million people during my 28 years at Learn It.

This year, I authored a book titled “The Learn It All Leader,” drawing from my experiences playing for three Hall of Fame baseball coaches. It delves into how I’ve shaped my leadership style based on those experiences.

Important Quotes:

“As a leader, you also want to empower your team to make bold decisions, and you want to give them the tools and the space to be able to do that.”

“Our vision is to start integrating more learning steps along the way.”

“I just wanna build and help contribute to building better leaders for the future.”

“There’s always an opportunity for growth.”

“Don’t be afraid of failure and making mistakes, and just keep pushing forward.”

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