You Have to Crave the End Result

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You don’t have to love the hard work, but you must crave the end result.

I get asked often how I’m able to achieve some of the results that I have created for myself in my life. Whether that’s running long distances inside of ultra running events or accomplishing SEALFIT Kokoro. I’ve put a lot of thought into this lately, and as I was listening to a book called, “Relentless,” by Tim S. Grover, there was something I had come across that answers that question very well.

There’s a quote in the book that says:

You don’t have to love the hard work, you just have to crave the end result. In order to accomplish anything big inside of our lives there is going to be necessary required actions or hard work that needs to be done in order for you to do so. There is no getting around it, the piper must be paid, the work must be done, the price must be paid. In order to accomplish big things, go after your dreams, create the life that you truly want, you have to do the hard work but you don’t have to love it, it’s the toll that you pay to get the end result.

What drives you through those days when you don’t want to, what drives you through the hard work, the dedication, the discipline, the missing out on the events or time with loved ones, is all part of the process of doing what’s required to get that end result. Yeah, we talk all the time about having this big why, aka the Holy Cause that’s going to drive you to get what it is that you want, but it really comes down to craving that end result because there are no shortcuts when it comes to accomplishing big things, when it comes to living the life that you truly desire. That doesn’t just happen by chance. There’s no luck involved.

Do you crave the end result or not? There’s a difference between someone like Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan and Sergio Garcia and Penny Hardaway or Charles Barkley. All of those named are great players in their respective sports, but I think you could easily argue that only two of them truly craved the end result, truly craved winning at the highest possible level time after time, year after year. Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan know what it means to crave the end result, and let that craving be a driving force.

I can guarantee you that there were many days when they didn’t want to be inside the gym or didn’t want to be on the driving range yet they showed up every single day. Did the work, lived their life accordingly evolving around that end result, those championships, those major championships at the sacrifice of many other things inside of their life. At the sacrifice of pushing their body too hard, ultimately to injuries down the road or broken relationships because they truly craved the end result.

Think twice before committing to something big because it sounds fun; it sounds exciting; it sounds sexy, the idea of accomplishing it sounds amazing. Truly think about the price that has to be paid. You don’t have to love the hard work, but you must crave the end result. Ask yourself, are you truly prepared to pay that price because if there is any doubt, if there is any question as to whether or not you really want it, the work won’t be done. It will be too hard, and the end result will be won by somebody else.


Photo: Unsplash