Conviction Without Adversity Means Nothing

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Are you full of conviction only when times are going well or are you the man or woman who is convicted no matter what?

To some, that might be a bold and powerful question, one that might take a few people back. But I’d like you to think about what that means. To have conviction, but never to have really faced any challenging or adverse conditions inside of your life…well, anyone can do that.

It can be easy to sit in a place of judgment when you’ve never faced any kind of adversity in your life. It isn’t hard to tell others what they should or should not be doing in their lives if you have no idea what kinds of challenges they are facing or have faced. To be truly convicted about something in spite of the adversity that you face is what leading a successful life is truly all about.

We know one thing in life is guaranteed, and that is that there will be adversity. There will be conflict. There will be challenging times. In fact, in my book, Live Your Legacy, I talk about how this journey is not all about the constant pursuit of having it all in our lives to the point where everything’s firing on all cylinders and you never have adversity or challenges ever again. In fact, the point of life is to be continually striving for greatness in all areas, to truly be a wealthy person in all areas of life, but knowing that there will be challenging times ahead. Expecting the adversity and the challenge is how you can be prepared for it. The goal is to continually expand and grow so that when these times do arise inside of your life, you are ready for them. Not only are you ready, but you have expected them.


It’s easy to be convicted when things are going well. But those people who have this “conviction” in their life, in the absence of adversity, are the same ones who curl up in a ball or run and hide when struggle does arise. These people show the strength, or lack, of their conviction when they are unable to stand up and keep moving when things get difficult.

What would it take for you to have the kind of conviction that will bring you to the place where it doesn’t matter what is going on in your life? To know that who you are and what you stand for and the life that you’re working for is all but a reality because, in your mind, it’s already happened? Because you’re convicted. Because you’ll do what’s required because you’ll do what you said you would and because you act decisively in spite of the challenges and adversity.


When you have a Holy Cause, so strong and so deep inside of you, your conviction is unbreakable because it’s backed by this purpose and you’re prepared any time, any place, in any situation, or any circumstance. It does not matter because of the conviction that you have, because of the adversity that you’ve experienced. It’s built you. It’s forged you. It’s stabilized you. It’s hardened you and it continues to prepare you for the next challenge to come about inside of your life.

The men and women that you’ve come across with this type of conviction, despite the adversity that they’ve had in their life, are the same men and women who are out there in the world, impacting those around them and living a fulfilling life. These are the men and women who are successfully living their legacy.

So, which one are you? Are you full of conviction only when times are going well or are you the man or woman who is convicted no matter what? And no matter where you are or how you answered that question today, just think what is possible, what would truly be possible if you were living a life full of conviction in spite of any challenges or adversity that could be thrown your way?


Photo: NeuPaddy/Pixabay