Are You Committed or Making Excuses?

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Building a Legacy Lifestyle requires complete and ruthless commitment, in every area of your life. 

Today I want to talk about recognizing whether you are committed or just looking for excuses. Oftentimes we talk about the things that we want but in reality, we are not willing to do the work that we know is necessary to achieve our goals. Instead what happens is we make up excuses as to why we aren’t able to accomplish certain things or to see certain results in certain areas of our life.

This has been on my mind because I’ve been training for and participating in different ultra marathons and extreme physical tests and competitions for a while now, and I’ve had to confront some truths about myself and my own level of commitment when it comes to preparing for these events. I’ve had to dig deep, and really examine where I was lacking commitment and making excuses.

Last year, a few months before I attended SEALFIT Kokoro, it became clear that I needed to lose some weight. I was hovering between 270# and 275#, and I knew that wouldn’t cut it if I wanted to be successful at Kokoro Camp. I had just gone through some SEALFIT training, and although I was able to make it through and push through the pain, I also knew that if I had been 40-50# lighter it would have been much easier.

I had been thinking about, and talking to some people about hiring a nutrition coach to help me lose the weight. But I was struggling with whether or not I should make a commitment like that. Whether it made sense to invest in a service like that. You see, I knew exactly what I needed to do to lose the weight. I knew I needed to tighten up my diet and start making better food choices, but deep down inside I was using NOT having a coach as an excuse not to do what I already knew I needed to do. I was using it as an excuse not to do the work to lose the weight myself.

And of course, that realization made me start looking at other areas of my life to figure out if I was truly committed to being successful and living my Legacy, or if I was making excuses not to do the work I knew needed to be done. You see, making excuses becomes a habit. It becomes so deeply ingrained that sometimes you don’t even realize you’re doing it. The stories in your head can be very convincing, and if you don’t take the time to examine why you aren’t reaching certain goals, you could be making excuses that you aren’t even aware of.

Take a look in your life and see where you maybe you’ve said that you were committed, but you aren’t making any real progress. Chances are there is something, some part of the process, that you are avoiding or making excuses for. Building a Legacy lifestyle requires complete and ruthless commitment, in every area of your life.

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