Collin Joseph: Focus On Deeds, Not Words

  • Tenacity is a huge part of being a champion.
  • Collin has always been athletic; even after his head injury, he was still looking to compete in a physical competition.
  • He succeeded in that goal, and he started taking off in the fitness industry.
  • Social media is a highlight reel, it doesn’t show all the work that goes into it.
  • Oftentimes people will try to protect you, but in actuality they’re only hurting you and keeping you from your dreams.
  • Your story can change someone else’s world.
  • If you can understand why people do certain things, you can be more compassionate.
  • If you don’t do the work, you won’t get the results. Let that motivate you.
  • At the end of the day it all comes down to you: you need to be your own motivation.

Important Quotes:

“You gotta bring the tenacity every single day.”

“If you’re tenacious you can go a lot further.”

“I was at a disadvantage, so I worked twice as hard.”

“You won’t get results without doing the work.”

“Just because you can’t see the end doesn’t mean you’re not close to success.”

“You don’t realize the power and influence you have on social media.”

“Everybody needs to share their story.”

“Be your own motivation.”

More On Collin Joseph:

Collin Joseph is a Canadian fitness model, physique competitor, ex-MMA fighter, motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur.

Since an early age, Collin was an athletic guy interested in sports and fitness. His main passion was MMA, but unfortunately, Collin sustained an injury to his head which prevented him from competing in kickboxing or MMA.

He was devastated but eventually managed to recover and find a new passion – fitness and Men’s Physique competition.

Collin now has numerous fans across his social media platforms, who are inspired by his motivational quotes and pictures.


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