Cheri Hill: Don’t Just Start A Business, Stay In Business

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Cheri Hill of Sage International, Inc. and Sage Advertising & Marketing dives into the growth you experience as an entrepreneur as time goes on, and the struggles that go along with it.

In This Episode:

[2:24] What does championship leadership mean to Cheri?

[3:24] What got Cheri to where she is today.

[5:32] Who has made an impact inside of Cheri’s life?

[6:30] Thinking time.

[8:56] What is the vision for Cheri?

[12:16] The turning point inside of Cheri’s life.

[15:42] What you can take and implement in your life today.

Important Quotes:

“It’s about what’s going to help them create success.”

“Starting a business is easy, staying in business is hard.”

“Thinking time has been a great value for me.”

“It’s one thing to get the information, it’s another thing to apply it.”

“Continue forward.”

“Successful people are focused.”

About The Guest:

President & CEO of Sage International, Inc. and Sage Advertising & Marketing, Cheri has been working with entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and nonprofit founders for over 26 years helping them start and grow a successful business. She knows that to win in business you need to be tough, think big and become skilled. As a gutsy successful business owner and creative mentor to many, she loves to give back. She is a national speaker, best-selling author, classroom facilitator, and host of the weekly broadcast Cheri Hill Radio Show.

Cheri is very active in the business community serving on several select boards. She is the Chair for Nevadaworks, a key player in workforce development in Northern Nevada and the For Kids Foundation which serves as a safety net for children who have “fallen through the cracks” of existing agencies and charitable organizations.

Her hobbies include Beekeeping, traveling, attending live music festivals, extreme camping on the Black Rock Desert and sports.


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