Catie Campbell: Colibri Magic

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we are thrilled to have with us Catie Campbell, a leadership coach and author who focuses on emotional intelligence and exceptional leadership. She shares the concept of championship leadership, emphasizing that it goes beyond just being a leader; it’s about being the best of the best in leadership. She draws parallels to athletes like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods, who exhibit discipline, dedication, and a systematic approach to their craft. Catie also delves into the controversy surrounding transgender athletes in college sports, highlighting the lack of clarity and transparency in decision-making by governing bodies like the NCAA.

Catie shares two pivotal moments that shaped her path. Her experiences prompted her to prioritize self-care and emotional health, which eventually led her to help others do the same. She is currently working on a book about emotional intelligence, aiming to bring this crucial leadership skill to a wider audience beyond the corporate world.

These and more!!

Watch this episode now and learn more life lessons from Catie Campbell!!

In This Episode:

[3:14] What does Championship Leadership mean to Catie Campbell?

[9:07] Who is Catie Campbell, and what brought her to where she is today?

[14:54] Leaders that influenced her?

[20:36] Her vision she wants to make?

[25:57] Turning point of her life

[30:33] Episode takeaways.

About the Guest

Sincerely…like magic. If your answer is anything less than “it’s pure magic today,” you’re in the right place.

Catie Campbell knows what makes organizations thrive and how to ensure their leaders are game ready to deliver exceptional results. She’s worked with more than 20,000 leaders in dozens of organizations to help them drive high performance and to build winning cultures.

Important Quotes:

“When I think about Championship leadership, these are the people who have a system in a way and a process of thinking about and really embodying and then executing on how they want to lead people in teams.”

“My purposes is to really help them shape the way that they want to be leading for the success of their organization.”

“You can do better than this. You have to do better than this.”

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