Bonnie Lucas: Leadership and Innovation in Law Enforcement Coordination

In this episode of the Championship Leadership Podcast, we conducted an incredible interview with Bonnie Lucas, the founder of Law Enforcement Specialists based in Peoria, just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Bonnie shares her journey of building a successful business over the past 30 years, specializing in coordinating off-duty police officers for various security needs. As a leader in her industry, Bonnie discusses the challenges and triumphs, emphasizing the importance of gratitude, faith, and forward-thinking in both personal and professional growth. The podcast delves into the vision for Law Enforcement Specialists, including their innovative program, Blue Dispatch, which is set to revolutionize off-duty security services.

Listen to this episode and explore the world of law enforcement coordination at Law Enforcement Specialists.

In This Episode:

[3:41] What is Championship Leadership mean to Bonnie Lucas?

[4:21] Who is Bonnie Lucas, and what brought her to where she is today??

[10:32] Leaders that have influenced her.

[12:45] Her vision, future plans, and the impact she wants to make.

[16:11] Turning Point of her life.

[18:44] Episode Takeaways.

About the Guest

Bonnie discovered how difficult it was for companies to handle specific insurance requirements, and Police departments did not have the resources to coordinate police officers for off-duty work. Bonnie founded the security firm Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. to address this important need and has been “putting the law on your side” ever since. Thanks to her work, companies, and individuals no longer have to jump through hoops to get the security they deserve. Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. is licensed and insured nationally and works exclusively with sworn police officers.

Important Quotes:

“As a business owner, I think we are called to lead other people. ”

“Be grateful for where you’re at, what you’re doing and what you have.”

“Keep going. Do what you need to do. Listen to it. Know what’s going on. Be smart about it. But keep going.”




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