Bob Cefail: Producer of American Stories

In this special episode of Championship Leadership, we are incredibly honored to have with us for the third time BOB CEFAIL, Owner and Producer of American Stories. Bob Cefail will be sharing awesome news about his upcoming shows that will be soon launched in Pursuit Channel including Surviving Mann season 1 and 2. He will also give us insights of the behind the scenes of Season 2 Surviving Mann which Coach Nate Bailey will be part of the show.

Bob Cefail is also bringing some exciting news about his new documentaries and reality shows in which Kevin Harrington, (an original Shark on Shark Tank and one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time) will also be part of it.

These and more!!

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About the Guest

Navy veteran, (Submarine Force), Robert Cefail has been an innovator in the telecommunications, internet marketing and celebrity endorsement industries. Robert started companies in each sector that have generated tens of millions in revenue and over a billion brand impressions. He currently is the CEO of The CShop, a celebrity endorsement firm connected with thousands of celebrities.

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