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Build Your Legacy: You Already Have What it Takes

Everything you need to build your Legacy is already inside you. There is a time and place to ...
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Are You Committed or Making Excuses?

Building a Legacy Lifestyle requires complete and ruthless commitment, in every area of your life.  Today I want ...
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Perception Matters: Carry Yourself How You Want to be Seen

You can't expect others to take you seriously in one area of life if you're acting and carrying ...
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Be a Person of Your Word

Who would you have to become to be a person of your word? If you simply became a ...
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You Are the Sum of Your Decisions

We can make a decision every single day, every single minute, every single second to change that sum. ...
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Loneliness Kills: My Thoughts on Veteran’s Day

Having thoughts of being lonely or depressed is not weakness. Not getting help when you do, is. Because loneliness ...