Billy Alt: How To Focus On What You’re Good At And Stay Consistent

  • Championship leadership are two different words, but they are very much the same. 
  • Whether it’s championship skills in leaders or the leadership mindset in champions, it is the same.
  • Your determination is all you need starting out.
  • Many times championship leaders are not satisfied with corporate America.
  • Consistency, clearly defined goals, and staying consistent with the messages you put out are the foundations of your business.
  • Trial and error are some of the best teachers.
  • There comes a time when you need to put yourself first.
  • There is no way of knowing where you will end up, you just need to begin taking steps.
  • People are mean, and people don’t care. Many times people take the positives in their life for granted.
  • It’s difficult to get on the top, but staying on the top is something totally different.
  • There are many conversations that are hard, but necessary.

Important Quotes:

“One thing drives everything, and that’s sales.”

“I put my focus and energy in what has gotten me successful.”

“Consistency is everything.”

“Everyone can do customer service, but not everyone can do great customer service.”

“There is a tendency for people to want to make things complex.”

“What can I do to make me happy?”

“You need to have a little confidence to begin with.”

“If you’re say you’re going to do something, do it.”

“If a file comes across your desk, handle it.”

“A good attitude is contagious.”

More On Billy Alt:

Billy Alt is the  Founder/CEO at Billy founded 700 Services in 2007.

Billy is an author of Constructing Success- Over 25 years of real world
credit and mortgage experience. In addition, he is a Texas Real Estate Commission Instructor. He has over 5,00 real estate transactions closed.

He is a Certified Credit Repair Agent with over 100 foreclosure HUD/FHA/REO Real Estate transactions bought/sold & closed. He is a Dedicated Husband & Father of 5 and a Recognized Credit Expert, Sub-Prime Mortgage Loan Consultant, and Direct Response Marketing Expert.


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