Beware Of The Kryptonite

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You cannot create a life that never has conflict or hardships. Believing that is possible will end up hurting you in the long run.

“Leaving it all” and “having it all” are phrases and concepts that seem to have major traction in today’s society and culture. Unfortunately, I think that the perceived definition of these phrases and concepts are more destructive than beneficial.

Your inner superhero is drawn to the idea of having it all and leaving it all. The idea of having everything figured out and all areas of your life running smoothly is very sexy and appealing. If you are not careful, that idea will end up being your kryptonite and do more damage than good.

The villain inside, the kryptonite, will continue to try and lure you to this idea, to win the battle. The villain encourages you to pursue having it all, which is impossible at face value and leaving it all, which gets you thinking about the future instead of the present and pulls you away from the here and now of living your legacy

The fallacy behind having it all is that you start to pursue perfection. You go through life trying to do all you can to make sure that nothing goes bad in your life. You become weakened by the kryptonite and start to believe this fallacy that you can make yourself immune to hardship, challenges, chaos, and arguments. You also begin to believe that you are the “master of your fate and the captain of your soul” as the great poem Invictus, by William Ernest Henley, famously ends.

Believing that you are the master of your fate and that you can truly have it all results in you trying to convince the superhero within that you need to do all things yourself. You then begin to chase more and more material things and financial prosperity which you use as the measuring stick of determining whether you have it all and how big of a legacy you will end up leaving.

When you fall into the trap of this type of mindset, you become ill-prepared to handle the adversity, hardship, and chaos that is guaranteed to happen in your life no matter how well things are going.

Beware of the kryptonite in your life. By acknowledging that the villain inside each of us has and is willing to use this against you, will allow yourself to be prepared for its trap.

If you choose to recognize that hardships, challenges, and chaos will happen no matter what and begin to expect them in your life, you will, in essence, be protecting yourself from this kryptonite. You will also be prepared to handle these events in your life and give the superhero within the power and knowledge necessary to lead a Legacy Lifestyle.

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