Be a Person of Your Word

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Who would you have to become to be a person of your word?

If you simply became a person of your word your life would radically transform!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Who would I have to become to be a man of my word every single day? What would my life look like? How would it impact those around me and that I interact with? To be a person of your word is to do what you said you would. Every single time.

I think most of us are our word in a few areas of our life. The ones that come easy or natural to us. Whether that’s physically in your body and fitness or in your relationships, etc. There are a significantly lower number or percentage of people that are their word all the time. Every area. Every day.

Being a person of your word not only means when you’re dealing with other people but it also – and I believe most importantly – means being a person of your word to yourself. If you constantly hit snooze or turn your alarm off in the morning instead of getting up right away as you promised yourself the night before, you are not being your word.

If you continue getting home at 5:15 pm when you tell your spouse you will be home by 5 pm you are not being your word. If you tell yourself you are going to reach out to a friend or family member today and continue to put it off you are not being your word. If you tell yourself today is the day you will eat differently and you decide later that day that you will start tomorrow… I think you get the point.

Not being your word not only affects you but also affects those around you. What will it take to truly be a person of your word? Someone that when they say it will be done, everyone knows it will be done and they can count on it. Like money in the bank.

I am intentionally and constantly striving to be a man of my word every single day. I aspire to be known as THE MAN that is his word no matter what. I want people to hear my name and instantly think, “that’s a man that you can count on, without hesitation, he says it and I know it is done!”

Just like Ryan Stewman is the Hardcore Closer.

David Goggins is the hardest man on earth.

John Maxwell is the authority on Leadership.

Gary V is the Hustle and Grind.

Zig Ziglar is the greatest salesman ever.

Nate Bailey is the authority and leader on Being Your Word.

THE ONE – unquestionably – that when he speaks it, you COUNT ON IT!

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Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash