Asiye Kilic: The Grasstik Solution

In this episode of Championship Leadership,  we dive into an exclusive interview with Asiye Kilic, Sales Manager of Adersa Group LLC. Asiye shares the journey of their family-owned company and their innovative product, Grasstik. Grasstik is a groundbreaking privacy fence solution that combines artificial grass with chain link fencing, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Discover how Asiye and her team navigated the challenges of introducing a new product to the market, from convincing customers of its benefits to expanding their reach across different sectors. Learn about the inspiration behind Grasstik and how it addresses the growing need for privacy and visual enhancement in outdoor spaces.

Asiye’s insights into entrepreneurship and building a brand underscore the importance of perseverance and adapting to market demands. With a focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, Adersa Group LLC aims to revolutionize outdoor environments nationwide with Grasstik.
Tune in to gain valuable lessons on business growth, marketing strategies, and the power of innovation!

In This Episode:

[3:33] Who is Asiye Kilic, and what brought her to where she is today?

[12:01] What were the biggest challenges when Asiye Kilic and her family started building their company, and how did they grow it?

[15:40] Their vision, future plans, and the impact they want to make.

[17:48] Turning Point of their life.

[22:51] Episode Takeaways.

About the Guest

My name is Asiye.  She is a mother of four children. We currently live in Orange County, California. she graduated from California State University of Northridge in Education. She was a teacher before she got married, and then, she became a businesswoman working on a variety of projects with her husband. The Grasstik was one of the projects that we are working on with my husband. In her spare time, she really enjoy spending time with my children watching movies, playing board games and outdoor activities. Asiye Kilic, co-owner of Grasstik, a family-owned company based in Los Angeles, is excited about their product, Grasstik, which combines privacy fencing with artificial grass and chaining fans. The idea originated from their own backyard renovation project six years ago when they faced the challenge of covering up unsightly fencing. After experimenting with various materials, they developed Grasstik to provide privacy and aesthetic appeal to residential and commercial spaces. Despite initial setbacks, they persisted and discovered a high demand for privacy solutions. Grasstik has since become a successful venture, serving clients worldwide.

Important Quotes:

“It’s really actually exciting to start a new business. ”

“Paper is endless needs in our life.”

“When people see, who bought the product and using the product and doing the video, people are trusting more.”

“There was a challenging at the beginning, challenging moments that we learn. ”

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