Anne and Mark Lackey: How To Start The Business That Is Right For You

  • To take on the new challenges of being your own boss, you need to become the leader that you haven’t needed to be before.
  • In commission sales, if you don’t work you don’t make money.
  • The super bowl winning coaches didn’t start out that way: you start at the beginning and work your way up.
  • Many business ideas might not work, but you need to keep coming up with new ideas and trying new things.
  • Find your specialties and focus on them.
  • Take lessons from each experience and move forward, even if those experiences are negative.
  • Don’t worry about whether or not it will work for everyone. Find a specific audience and do what they need.
  • VAs are essentially employees, but they’re online.
  • They work just as well as any employee, but without the negatives of office jobs.

Important Quotes:

“You need to make your money work for you.”

“A championship level leader is always open to keeping up with the times.”

“Championship leaders are always learning new things and moving forward.”

“You want to be in a certain niche.”

“You can’t be everything to everybody.”

More On Anne and Mark Lackey:

In late 1999 while working a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) in Corporate America, Mark and Anne made the decision to start a real estate investing career and have never looked back. Their first month in the business, they purchased 4 rental homes and still own all 4 today as high cash flowing rentals.

Today, they own and manage close to forty residential properties in their own portfolio, and manage 225 rentals.

Together Anne & Mark now own and operate several businesses. They have coached and trained hundreds of investors/business owners all over the US & Canada. They can be found on the stage at local & national events and on the radio & podcasts.

Anne & Mark wrote five books (3 became best sellers in hours) and developed multiple training modules in the area of Real Estate Investing, Property Management, and Business Ownership to help other entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

In 2015, they determined they were working harder and not smarter, so they embarked on their newest business – which helps business owners scale by providing top-notch virtual employees. Since then they have transformed over 60 businesses from chaos & overwhelm to calm, well run businesses making higher profits; their team dynamic contributes dramatically to their ability to scale and grow multiple businesses.

Anne & Mark love to educate others on how to scale and create business processes; sharing their passion through seminars, webinars, podcasts, and their live radio show “The REI Hour” on 1160AM in Atlanta.

Topics of expertise: Staffing, Hiring, Scaling Operations, Real Estate, Property Management, Real Estate Investing, Education about Real Estate, and Wealth Accumulation.


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