Anke Herrmann: Make The Most Out Of Life

Anke Herrmann talks about her podcast “Passion Business Podcast” and her journey pursuing her passions. Listen to her inspiring story in this episode of Championship Leadership podcast

In This Episode:

  • [2:12] What does championship leadership mean to Anke?
  • [2:46] Leaders that have influenced Anke.
  • [4:15] What brought Anke to where she is today?
  • [19:47] Passion Business Coach.
  • [24:07] Anke’s vision and future plans.
  • [25:02] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“Make the most out of life”

“Dance with the unknown rather than try and run from it”

“Make it a crazy ride and enjoy it”

“You always know enough to take the next step”

“Do it and don’t think too much about it”

About The Guest:

Originally from Germany she lived in Australia and the UK before, in 2004, she decided to leave the corporate world behind, move to Spain and turn a dream into reality: to combine her two passions – sewing and flamenco – as a dressmaker for flamenco artists, creating made to measure costumes for professional flamenco dancers, singers and flamenco enthusiasts from Andalusia and all over the world.

Anke Herrmann is a business coach and mentor, lifelong creator, online tech loving geek, and the host of Passion Business Podcast.




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