Aaron Velky: Creating Leaders that Change Future Generations

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we are privileged to have with us Aaron Velky, an Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker, Author, and Co-Founder of  MONEY CLUB, -a community designed for people looking for a proven, formulaic approach to building generational wealth, produce passive income, and make smart decisions along their journey toward financial freedom. He will share his journey from Marketing Manager to coaching kids through youth sports and transitioning into a leader and Founder of an organization that provides financial education to individuals and companies.

Aaron Velky also tells us amazing stories from people that greatly influenced his leadership and helped him create a culture in an organization. These and more!

Watch this exciting episode!

In This Episode:

[1:48] What does Championship Leadership mean to Aaron?

[2:28] Who is Aaron Velky and what brought him to where he is today?

[6:27] Money Club

[10:45] Leaders that have influenced him.

[16:30] His vision, future plans, and the impact he wants to make.

[20:50] A turning point inside of her life.

[26:47] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“Championship, I think of high valor, effort, energy, intention, integrity. Interestingly, when I think of leadership, it is how do you respond when it’s not going well, how do you respond in the hardest situations, so that the easiest situations,-the wins they’re smooth and they’re enjoyable.”

“Being a leader is not just about winning but also about failure. It’s really important to just own it.”

“Defeated? What do you do? You sit down and then you stand up.”

“A question that always has helped me is, what are the things I stand for? And I think that question is valuable because it can guide your career, your relationships, and a lot of things.”

“We are the drivers of our life. We’re the ceiling.”

About The Guest:

Aaron Velky brings to the team an award-winning managerial style, deep experience as a coach, and in-depth knowledge of financial psychology, leadership, social media marketing, and business development. Aaron is the visionary and prolific public voice behind Money Club. He is the person responsible for growing the community components of the business – with the public, our online community, our team, and our investors.

His keynote speeches, workshops, and coaching are highly coveted for their blend of tactical and mental practices to breed financial growth in listeners.

Aaron’s experience in finance, outside of formal education, includes coaching artists and entrepreneurs on their financial relationships, raising capital, real estate investing, creating additional revenue streams, and scaling businesses. He’s studied behavioral psychology, entrepreneurship, and wealth-building, and has several businesses under his watch. Now at over 7 years of successful entrepreneurship, he has the experience and stories of earning his stripes speaking on financial intelligence, education, and growth.

Aaron is an outspoken thought leader on education reform, and his speeches always indicate passion and purpose. His leadership, salesmanship, and eccentric personality lend themselves to being a cutting-edge financial voice for a new generation. His focus on culture, development of our team members, and sustainable approach to growth – both personal and business-focused lend itself to the nature of the Money Club mission. The employees and volunteers that join the business are empowered to grow personally, challenge the status quo, marching towards their best selves, and build things on their own. That legacy is driven by Aaron’s overwhelming interest in the person over the performance. ​

Aaron graduated from UMBC in 2009 with a degree in Financial Economics and was a walk-on member of the Men’s Division One Varsity Soccer Team. After graduation, he rapidly was promoted in the Towson University student housing arena. His expertise landed him a managerial role at the newly opened 929 Apartments, inside the EBDI footprint of East Baltimore. There he developed and implemented a system of internal simplification and lead a community involvement initiative inside of a redevelopment project. 



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