Aaron Hale: Passion, Perseverance, Desire and Discipline

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Aaron Hale talks about overcoming the odds with passion, perseverance, desire and discipline.

In This Episode:

  • [3:13] What does championship leadership mean to Aaron?
  • [3:45] What brought Aaron to where he is today?
  • [9:29] His journey to recovery after getting injured from a bomb blast
  • [13:51] Leaders that have influenced Aaron.
  • [16:43] Using the tools that you have.
  • [21:33] Extra Ordinary Delights Confections
  • [25:15] Aaron’s future plans
  • [27:10] What you can take from this episode and implement inside of your life.

Important Quotes:

“There’s a good ending beyond these difficulties”

“The most powerful weapon is our mind and creativity”

“Why stop?”

“Never accept good enough, there’s always room for improvement”

“There is no quit. You can get through just about anything in your life if you have passion , perseverance, desire and discipline”

About The Guest:

Aaron Hale, a 14 year veteran, military chef and Explosive Ordinance Disposal (E.O.D) team leader has overcome all odds. From the moment a blast robbed Aaron of his vision in Afghanistan to years later when he lost his hearing, he refused to accept defeat.

Aaron pressed on and became very involved with organizations who help wounded and disabled veterans get out and be active. Through these organizations, Aaron was able to climb mountains, white water kayak, and run 5 marathons throughout 2015 including Boston Marathon.

In August 2015, Aaron contracted bacterial meningitis. This devastating illness left Aaron completely deaf in both ears. Since the illness, Aaron has regained his love for cooking and began creating in the kitchen again. With his wife, McKayla, at his side, the two combine their love for cooking and business experience to bring Extra Ordinary Delights to your door.






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