9 Lessons Learned From 20X

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There are lessons to be learned from every experience. You just need to be open to them.

1. It Could Always Be Worse – No matter what we are going through or where we are in life it could always be worse. There is comfort and Power in realizing this truth.

2. 4 Pillars to Live By
a. Breathe – When things get tough and you feel overwhelmed or stressed, just stop and breathe. Relax, take a breath and focus.
b. Self Visualization – Be in the moment, not caught up in the past or future. Visualize yourself accomplishing the task at hand, right in front of you. Nothing else.
c. Positive Self Talk – Do not fill your mind with worse case scenarios or stories. Stay positive, and continue to tell yourself that you will be okay and that you can do it. Whatever it is.
d. Micro Goals – Get through the evolution, the next minute, the next landmark/buoy. One short step at a time. You will find Simple Success Swinging Singles.

3. Never Stop Moving – Do not wait. Do not let the rust build up in your body. A man and his daughter attended our 20x. It was the man’s 69th birthday. He was an inspiration to everyone. He just kept moving. It was one of the great lessons I’ve received—to not stop moving ever in life.

4. Don’t Try to Do Everything By Yourself – There is POWER in going through the Suck with others. Especially those you already know and have a bond with. It was easier and more comforting to me going through 20X with my friend and a person I admire. He is someone I knew I could look to for strength when needed.

5. Preparation is Key – There is no such thing as being too prepared.

6. You Can’t Use Preparation as an Excuse Not to Execute – Was I as prepared as I would have liked to have been? Fuck no. But I needed to ship it aka to show up to 20x as prepared as I was, to execute and learn how I stacked up and where I need more preparation for Kokoro or for whatever area of life I am performing in.

7. Pick Others up Around You – Serve. Helping others not only is fulfilling but it also takes your mind off the Suck during adversity and hard times. This is one of the most vital lessons you can practice in life.

8. The Evolution of our Internal Thoughts and Stories – It is amazing to realize and be aware of the Self Talk we go through. Leading up to 20X there was anticipation, fear, stress, worry, or doubt, then game time hit and there was no time to think. There was only time to just execute and rely on the work I had put into preparing for the event. Then entered the questions, and why the hell I was doing this, and the thoughts of how I was crazy to want to do Kokoro. How I wasn’t going to do Kokoro, then saying fuck that and pushing through and embracing the process. I endured all the battles we go through in our own minds and in between our ears and came out at the end with joy and a great sense of accomplishment…as well as a few more lessons to apply to the next time I strive to reach a goal.

9. Who Do I Have To Become – I have been following my own path from coming out of 20X to get to where I am at today and on into showing up in September at Kokoro. I do this so I can grow and expand from that challenge and experience.

I hope these guidelines make sense. They obviously are relative to all the areas of my life and not just to my body. Love, Honor, and Appreciate you all.


Photo: Brian Erickson on Unsplash